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Ring Type Glue Mixer

Ring Type Glue Mixer


Introduction of ring type glue mixer:

  1. Ring type glue mixer machine can mix glue with the raw materials continuously.
  2. The ring type glue mixing machine is used in wood pallet block and molded wooden pallet production line.
  3. Ring type glue mixer is easy to operate, so as to realize automatic management. And ring type glue mixing machine can mix glue with raw materials evenly and with good quality final materials. Besides, it also has high production efficiency. Hence, it is suitable for large-scale production.
  4. Glue mixer adopts the forced cooling cycle to improve the cooling effect, with the outstanding advantages of non-adhesive, no burning plastic and so on.
  5. Both ends of the bearings use the latest type of installation, so it is very convenient to maintenance and replacement.
Technical parameters of ring type glue mixer:
Ring Type Glue Mixer
Model Capacity
Inner diameter
Supporting scale
BS140 250 Φ280 800-3000 7.5
BS160 800 Φ320 3000-10000 11-15
BS180 1200 Φ360 10000-15000 15-18.5
BS200 1600 Φ400 15000-25000 22
BS250 3200 Φ500 25000-50000 30
BS300 7500 Φ600 50000-80000 45
BS350 10000 Φ700 60000-120000 55
BS400 20000 Φ800 120000-200000 75
BS450 40000 Φ900 200000-400000 90

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