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pallet block machine

Pallet block machine, also named sawdust block machine, produces composite pallet blocks for wood pallets. One machine can produce two different sizes of blocks. We offer three types of this machine with varied specifications: single-head, double-head, and triple-head.

one head pallet block machine two head pallet block machine three head pallet block machine

Raw materials: waste wood, sawdust, waste pallets, shavings, wood scraps and so on.

composite pallet blocks

The blocks has a smooth surface, strong load-bearing capacity, no fumigation for export, and quality can meet the requirements of EPAL pallet standards.

Three Minutes to Understand Composite Blocks

How are the blocks produced?

①Materials->②Crushing->③Drying->④Glue Mixing->⑤Pressing->⑥Stacking

Layout of Pallet Block Production Line

Integrated control system makes automated production possible.

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Why Choose PalletMach?

  1. Cost saving and profitable
    By reusing waste wood efficiently, this production line saves cost and brings big profits.
  2. Environmentally friendly
    It reduces carbon emission and provides an practical way to recycle wood waste into valuable products.
  3. High quality pallet block
    The density of the block could reach up to 550-1000kg/m3, and the loading capacity can reach up 1-3 tons.
  4. Flexible block size
    The specifications of block can be adjusted according to specific demands within the range from 75mm to 145mm.

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