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Semi-Auto Presswood Pallet Production Line

This production line is mainly designed for producing presswood pallets by hot compression molding process.

In a semi-automatic pallet production line, the feeding and leveling of raw materials and the taking out and stacking of pallets need to be manually operated by workers, while in an automated line they can be handed over to machines.

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Raw materials: waste wood, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, raw wood, burned wood, logs, wood board, tree branches, timber, wood planks, waste pallets and so on. Other materials containing rich fiber also can be used for production of pressed wood pallet, such as straw (wheat/corn), waste paper, bamboo, palm trees, coconut fiber (coir), softwood, bagasse, miscanthus and so on.

The final product: Pressed Wood Pallet;  Presswood Core Plug; Presswood Cable Reel; Wood Fibre Board etc.

presswood pallets

Three Minutes to Understand Presswood Pallet

How are the pallets produced?

①Materials->②Crushing->③Drying->④Glue Mixing->⑤Pressing->⑥Stacking

Process of Presswood Pallet Production

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  1. Long Serive Life
    Three beams and four columns structure, equipped with branded components to ensure long and stable operation.
  2. High Efficiency
    Maximum capacity of 18 pieces per hour.
  3. Cost Saving
    Reuse of various waste materials, significantly reducing raw material costs.
  4. Excellent Service24-hour after-sales service and overseas installation training service.

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