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Molded Core Plug Machine

Molded Core Plug Machine mainly uses hot pressing molding process to produce Core Plug. Core Plug is mainly used in paper, plastic film, metal foil and other industries to prevent damage caused by movement during transportation.

Raw Material:
The raw materials for molded wood plugs can be waste wood, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, logs, boards, branches, wood chips and wood processing residues, etc. It can also be used for non-wood materials (such as hemp straw, cotton straw, reed, etc.). Any fiber-rich raw material can be used to produce molded cork, such as straw, bamboo, palm, wheat straw, bagasse, coconut fiber (coir), miscanthus, etc.


1. The Molded Core Plug Machine uses various waste fibers to significantly reduce the cost of raw materials.
2. Highly automated, one or two workers are enough to handle the routine operations of the entire production line.
3. The final product is of high quality. The core plug is not only strong, hard and durable, but also completely reusable and environmentally friendly.

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