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Drum type wood chipper machine

Drum type wood chipper machine

Capacity:3-25 t/h

1. Widely application
2. High production efficiency
3. Suit for diversified raw materials

Drum type wood chipper is used for processing wood logs or tree branches into 20 mm-40 mm wood chips for various wood products industries and plants.

Drum wood chipper machine belongs to wood processing equipment series. Drum wood chipping machine is widely used in wood working factories, furniture factories, wood pallet plants, pallet block production lines and other wood industrial production factories.

Drum wood chipper is the best equipment for preparing material for molded wood pallet and pallet block production.

Drum wood chipping machine has the advantages of wide application, diversified raw materials, good quality wood chips, safe and reliable, and high production efficiency.

Wood materials enter the chipper cavity through the conveyor system and the feeding port. Wood materials are chipped into wood chips under the shearing stress of the high-speed rotating flying knives and the bed knife installed on the machine base. The qualified chips pass through the screen holes below the knife roll and are discharged through the discharging port. A little larger wood chips, which cannot pass through the screen holes, continue to be chipped again.

Drum Wood Chipper Machine Model Parameter

Drum Wood Chipper Parameters
Model PM215 PM216 PM218 PM2113
Knife-cylinder diameter(mm) 500 600 800 1300
Feeding port size (mm) 160*400 230*500 320*680 380*700
Fly-cutter qty (piece) 2 2 2 2
Revolving speed(rotate/minute) 590 590 650 500
Feeding raw materials max diameter(mm) 160 230 300 350
Chip size(mm) 15-30 15-30 15-30 15-40
Production capacity(ton) 3-5 6-9 9-15 12-25
Main motor power(kW) 45 55 110 200
Feeder power(kW) 2.2-3 3-4 4-5 4-5
Conveyor power(kW) 3 3 3 3
Dimension(m) 1.47*1.55*0.97 2.95*1.9*1.5 2.2*2.15*1.5 3.67*2.517*2.05

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